Coaxial Cable Testing - DSX CableAnalyzer

Certifying coaxial cabling with Versiv requires the optional DSX-COAX coaxial adapters and either DSX-5000 or DSX-8000 copper modules.  The adapters are marked “DSX-CHA003 COAX ADAPTER.”

Possible Mesurement Parameters

Versiv units will test the coax cable to 1002MHz.


Cable types available in Versiv

Selecting a Test Limit

Click Here to see the Versiv Limit Lines document for a breakout of the Coax limits in section 2.1 (see Index on Page 1).


至少每隔 30 天要设置一次参数。您不需要在每次拆除适配器后设置参考。但是,为了获得最佳精度,您应在每次使用同轴适配器时设置参考。
Connect the two Versiv units together as shown in the diagram below:  

The reference lead cannot be more than 20 inches (0.5m); otherwise the DSX will not permit the reference to be set. 

虽然最好使用提供的 75Ω 参考线缆设置参考,但您也可以使用 50Ω 线缆设置参考。 


Below is an example of an autotest result for the TIA 568C.4 CATV RG6 : 

You will often see an “i” next to the test parameter. This indicates that the measurement is for Information only. 该测试参数未分配任何限值。大多数用户都知道他们的应用的最大值应该是多少。
HDTDR has a green check mark (pass) next to it. HDTDR 怎么会有限值呢?The DSX CableAnalyzer automatically looks for an impedance anomaly greater than 15%.  If the impedance anomaly is greater than 15%, HDTDR will fail (red “x”).


The test tool reports an anomaly if 15% or more of the test signal is reflected. 这里是有异常的 HDTDR 跟踪示例:


  • 连接不良
  • 线缆受压(线缆扎带紧、挤压、扭结等)
  • 线缆类型不匹配
  • Water in the cable jacket
  • 同轴线缆分路器中负载过大
  • 端接器值不正确 

Custom Coax Test?

除了更改线缆类型和 NVP 值之外,目前没有可以自定义同轴测试的选项。It is anticipated that this will provide enough flexibility to allow testing in the majority of coaxial installations.

Example Autotest Report:




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