OptiFiber® Pro Series OTDR

OptiFiber® Pro lets you quickly troubleshoot your fiber infrastructure without needing to interpret complex traces.


  • 业界最短事件和衰减死区
  • SmartLoop OTDR 可在单次测试中对两条光纤进行自动化测试和分析,从而无需移动到连接的远端来执行测试。See OptiFiber Pro OTDR SmartLoop™ Bi-Directional Averaging in action!
  • 专家手动模式 - 简化实验测试,使您可以专注于您感兴趣的轨迹部分。
  • The newest member of the OptiFiber Pro Series OTDR, OptiFiber Pro HDR, has a dynamic range up to 42 dB and adds new wavelengths for outside plant/FTTx/PON testing requirements.

Consult with one of our experts and we can help you to determine the OTDR solution for your needs.  

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