PRO3000 Model Comparison

The PRO3000 Toner and PRO3000/PRO3000 F50/F60 Probes help you identify cables, wires, and wire pairs. You connect the toner to a line, then trace and follow the signal with the probe. Below is a comparison chart between the different models of the PRO3000 with our other tone and probe kit, the Intellitone Pro 200. More information on the Intellitone Pro 200 can be found here.

Pro3000F 滤波探头通过阻塞这些信号,消除“嗡嗡声”,使您能够听到清晰、响亮的音频。The PRO3000 F50 and PRO3000 F60 probes have a filter that reduces 50 Hz or 60 Hz noise from the speaker when you use the probe near wires that carry AC power.  

The Pro3000F60 which filters out 60 Hz interference which is the standard frequency in North America

The Pro3000F50 which filters out 50 Hz interference which is common in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.


Below is our comparison chart: