Updating your DSX CableAnalyzer

This article describes the update process for DSX-5000, DSX-8000, CertiFiber Pro, OptiFiber Pro, and FI-7000.

If you use LinkWare Live, when you SYNC to your account LinkWare Live will alert you when an update is available.  Follow the on-screen instructions to update the Versiv main unit, and then connect a USB cable from the Versiv main unit to the Versiv Remote and send the update.  

Updating may also be done following the process described below.

Install LinkWare PC 10.4 which can be obtained from here.

Click on the download link and note where the file is saved on your PC, as you will need to point to it from LinkWare PC to initiate the update. If you are running an older version of LinkWare PC, your first step is to update LinkWare PC.

  • Make sure your battery is sufficiently charged; if in doubt, connect the power to your Versiv Main unit.
  • Open LinkWare PC 10.4
  • Connect the Versiv/TFS Main to your PC using a Micro USB cord that came with your test set.

  • Click on the Software Update Connected Tester icon

  • Locate the  file you downloaded and click on Open in the bottom of the dialog box.
  • This will send the update file to the Versiv Main unit, and the update takes around 5-10 minutes.
    You do not need to update the module - Versiv stores the firmware necessary to do any updates to the module automatically.
    LinkWare PC will inform you what is happening during the update.

Versiv Main unit displays a message that it is "Under PC Control."

The Versiv display will show a yellow and blue progress bar at the bottom of the screen and emit a faint beeping sound while the update is progressing.

This process takes 5-10 minutes, and the Versiv Main will reboot when the process is complete.

The Versiv Main will prompt you that you MUST update your Remote tester for compatibility.

Tap OK.

NOTE:  These steps for upgrading the Versiv Remote applies for DSX-5000, DSX-8000 and CertiFiber Pro only; NOT for OptiFiber Pro or FI-7000 where no remote unit is used


Connect the Versiv main to the Versiv Remote with the USB cable and wait a moment.

Versiv Main will alert you of a version mismatch.

Tap Continue and connect as shown.



The Versiv Main prepares the update and then shows status of the Update file copy to the Remote.

The Versiv Main gives a notice that the update was transferred successfully to the Remote; Tap OK.

The Versiv Remote updates automatically and emits a faint beeping sound and the LEDs illuminate  while the update is applied. When the update is complete (5-10 minutes later) the Remote will reboot itself and none of the LEDs will be illuminated.


Remove the USB connection between the Versiv Main and Remote.

Connect the Versiv main and remote together with a Permanent Link Adapter and a Channel Adapter and go to Tools, Set Reference.

Set Reference should pass. If it does not, reset the connections or try different adapters and try Set Reference again.

Press the Home button and tap Tools, Version Information, and both Versiv Main and Versiv Remote should be at the same latest version of firmware.


TAC Pro Tip:

If you are updating multiple test sets, you do not need to connect each unit to the PC to push the update

Do you have multiple DSX Cable Analyzer sets to update?  If you update one Versiv main unit and its companion remote, you can then take the updated Versiv main unit and connected it to another Versiv main unit with a prior software version and update it. Connect the Type A (larger) USB connector to the updated Versiv main unit and the Micro-AB USB connector to the Versiv main unit to be updated, wait 10 seconds, and you will be prompted to update the Versiv main unit that is running older software. It will call it a remote, but that is OK--it will get the update it needs. Follow the onscreen instructions to send the update over the USB cable connection. The software gets transferred, the main unit updates its software, and reboots.  After the main unit updates, swap the USB cable ends to connect the updated Versiv main unit to its companion remote unit. Wait 10 seconds and you will be prompted to update the Versiv remote, which is running an older version of software. Tap Continue and complete the update. Remove the USB cable connection between Versiv main and remote and follow the Final Steps section above.

If you have a mix of Versiv and Versiv2 main and remote units, remember that for updating and testing compatibility, you need to ensure that Versiv main units go with Versiv remotes and Versiv2 main units go with Versiv2 remotes.

Versiv2 units have built-in wireless capability, Versiv units use a TP-Link wifi adapter for wireless capability. Look at the top right part of the front of the case on Versiv main and remote to determine which model you have.




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