Running an Autotest on Coaxial Cabling - DSP-4x00 CableAnalyzer

The following tests are run during an Autotest on coaxial cabling:
         Anomaly detection (Results shown only if anomalies are detected.)
To run an Autotest on coaxial cabling, connect the link under test as shown below in Figure 1 and proceed as follows:
Coaxial Cabling Link Connection for Autotest 
  • Turn off any PC nodes connected to the cabling you are testing.
  • If you want the Autotest to report cable length, remove the terminator from the far end of the cabling.
  • Attach any channel link interface adapter to the main unit.
  • Turn the rotary switch to AUTOTEST.
  • Verify that the test standard and cable type displayed are correct. You can change these settings in the SETUP mode.
  • Remove the terminator from the near end of the coaxial cabling. Use the RJ45 to BNC adapter to connect the cable to the test tool.
  • Press T to start the Autotest.