Error Messages - DSP 4x00 CableAnalyzer

Your instrument continuously checks itself. If anything is a miss, an error code is shown on the display and the error is logged to its internal memory. You can view any errors logged through LinkWare PC Software.
To do this, open LinkWare PC with your DSP connected to the PC and switched on. Click on Utilities > DSP-4x00/LT Utilities > Software Version.
Highlighted LinkWare PC Software Version Menu
You will see the following screen:
LinkWare PC Software Version Screen 

Error code 1001(1) is a communication error between the DSP and the PC. This error code is caused by incompatible DSP-4x00 firmware & LinkWare PC Software.

Click here for the latest version of Linkware Version 6.2 and final  DSP-4x00 firmware (x.925) for the latest version of

We regret to say we are no longer able to offer calibration and repair for the DSP-4x00 CableAnalyzer. It has been replaced with the DTX CableAnalyzer.