Deleted test reports - can I recover them from my DSP-4x00 CableAnalyzer

If you own a DSP-4100 or DSP-4300, you cannot. *

If you own a DSP-4000, you can - so long as you have not saved any reports since.

  • Switch off the CableAnalyzer.
  • Hold down Key 1 and the EXIT key.
  • Keep them held down.
  • Rotate the dial to AUTOTEST - you will hear a tune.
  • When the tune has finished, release the keys.
  • Your results are now restored.

This also works for the DSP-100 and DSP-2000.

*The Technical Assistance Center has had a high rate of success in recovering deleted results from MMCs. It may be possible to get your results back. There is no guarantee that results can be recovered. This service is currently free to all owners of Fluke Networks Products.
Please send your MMC by recorded delivery to:

  • Adrian Young (MS207C)
    Fluke Networks
    6920 Seaway Blvd
    Everett, WA 9820398203

In addition, send and E-Mail to notifying us that you have sent the card and the tracking number issued to you by UPS, DHL etc. Any MMCs submitted are done so at the owners risk. There are companies that specialize in the recovery of lost data, and this may be a preferred option where the loss of the data is deemed most critical.