Batteries and Chargers for DSP-100, DSP-2000 and DSP-4000 Series

The introduction of the DSP-4000 series brought with it the NiMH battery, a new external NiMH battery charger and a new A/C power cord. Below explains how well these changes work with the existing DSP-100 and DSP-2000 which use NICAD batteries.


  • You can use any of the AC adapters on any of the DSP-Series.
  • Any of the batteries may be used to operate any of the DSP meters.
  • The 22 watt AC adapter will burn up if used with the external NiMH Battery Charger - BC7217
  • The older external battery charger BC7210 will not properly charge a NiMH battery. When the NiMH battery appears to be charged, lift it out of the cradle and place it back in again. This will give you a full charge. We of course recommend the purchase of the BC7217 charger.
  • A DSP-100 or DSP-2000 will not charge a NiMH battery.