Saving Autotest Results - CertiFiber


The CertiFiber will store 1,000 complete Autotest results in nonvolatile flash memory.
All test results can be uploaded to a PC using the LinkWare PC 6.2 software.


  1. Connect the CertiFibers serial port to the serial port on the PC with the supplied communication cable DB 9 to DB 9 Serial Cable.


  2. Turn CertiFiber on to display the logo screen.
  3. Press Shift + Escape to display the Setup screen.
  4. Highlight Upload to PC and press F1 (Select).
    CertiFiber is now in upload mode.
  5. Open LinkWare software.
  6. Click on File > Import from > CertiFiber. The saved Autotests will be imported into LinkWare software. After import is complete click File > Save As > Name the file click ok to save.
  7. Turn the CertiFiber off when the transfer is complete.