Fluke Networks 金牌支持服务



金牌修理、校准、借用设备或配件的更换等所有申请必须经由技术支持处理。请注意:You will be asked for your Gold Support membership number and product serial number(s) to verify the Gold entitlement.


  • For immediate response, call your members-only Gold hotline (log in to My Account to access it).
  • Call the general technical support number
  • Click here to submit a Service request
  • Log in to My Account and submit a New Support Incident
服务类型 具体流程/您的期望


  • 技术支持将验证金牌会员资格、维修需求和借用设备权利。
  • 您会收到 RMA(退料授权编号)、隔夜借用设备(如适用),以及装运说明。
  • Your unit will be repaired with priority at the Service Center.


Annual Factory Calibration


  • Technical Assistance will verify Gold membership, serial number(s) and shipping address.
  • 您会收到 RMA(退料授权编号)和装运说明。注:如果希望获得借用设备,我们建议您在校准需求日期 6 周前安排预订。装运单无需提前安排,可立即发送。
  • Your unit will be calibrated with priority (<5 day) turnaround through the Service Center. Expect 1-2 weeks including shipping both to and from the Service Center.




  • Technical Assistance will verify Gold membership and isolate failure to the component if possible.
  • If a covered accessory that shipped with the kit covered by Gold Support is deemed defective or faulty, the accessory replacement will be ordered and shipped directly to you. 注:在某些情况下,您可能需要在更换配件发货之前寄还存在缺陷的配件。