Fiber OneShot™ PRO

All mainframe, kit and accessory models are retired. Learn more about the next generation OptiFiber Pro OTDR

  • 用于单模光纤,9/125µm
  • 1550nm 输出波长。兼容标准 PON 波长:1310、1490、1550 和 1625nm
  • 几秒时间内检测长达 75,459 英尺(23,000 米)的光纤
  • 定位单模光纤中的严重弯曲、高损失接合处、断路和被弄脏的连接器
  • 测量和定位高损耗连接和断裂点
  • 定位光纤末端



VFLs work well for exposed lengths of fiber near a patch panel by illuminating bad connections and breaks. They are not very helpful for cable runs more than a few meters, or when the cable not visible or accessible, or when the laser light can’t penetrate the jacket.

Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR) provides graphical data and analysis along the entire length of a cable, way beyond the reach of a VFL, but they can be expensive and require more time to and skill to operate.

Fiber OneShot PRO in fiber optic tool kit fills the gap between a VFL and an OTDR. These optical inspection system have the simplicity of a VFL, and provide distance and power information on high losses, breaks, and the end of the fiber. They also identify live fiber.

"I use my Fluke Networks Fiber One Shot Pro fiber troubleshooter to locate faults in our network. It has never failed me and has proved to be very accurate. It has saved me hours of painstaking testing, but more importantly its use has resulted in better customer service through faster service restoration. Thank you for making a great product and keep up the good work!!"
Jody H.
Winnipeg, MB CA

VFL 适合测试配线架附近的外露的光纤,需要照射不良连接和断裂。如果光纤长度超过数米,或无法看到或接触到光纤,或者激光无法穿透护套时,此类设备就不是特别有用。

光时域反射计 (OTDR) 可提供整条光纤的图形化数据和分析,效果超过 VFL,但价格非常昂贵且需要更多的操作时间和技能。

光纤工具套装中的 Fiber OneShot PRO 填补了 VFL 和 OTDR 之间的空白。这些光纤检测工具既具有 VFL 的简单易用性,又能提供高损耗、断裂点以及光纤末端的距离和功率信息。还可以识别正处于工作状态的光纤。





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