Keeping Up has Never Been Easier!

2018 年 5 月 23 日 / General

Keeping up with the industry is not easy. Changing standards, ways of working, technologies … Don’t worry – we have your back! We know it is sometimes hard to find the exact information you need to keep you moving forward here are some resources that will help you keep up and move ahead.


由电线和电缆组成的庞大的网络对提供重要的电力和通讯服务的作用越来越大,这就增加了对承包商的时间要求。因为线缆安装和修理人员积极地安装新线缆并修理现有线缆,因此越来越希望更经济迅速地完成这些工作。 We can help you get to that expert level.

  • Learn about the cable installation process and cable installation tools that you can use to improve efficiency and quality of a cable installation job.
  • Cable testing (Cat 5, Cat 6, and Cat 7 Testing) helps ensure that the installed cabling links provide the desired transmission capability to support data communication. 了解数据通信布线相关常见测试和线缆测试仪以及标准和最佳实践。
  • Category 8 cabling and all the related standards have been approved. Review the most common questions related to the latest twisted-pair copper system designed to support future IEEE 25GBASE-T and 40GBASE-T applications.

These Copper Cable Installation resources might also be useful in your journey to become a copper testing expert.

Twisted Pair Certification Testing Methods Poster
Twisted Pair Cabling Measurement Poster

Is Fiber Testing what you spend your day doing?

光纤布线是当今数据通信网络的核心。光纤是当今最主要的介质类型,广泛用于关键任务数据中心链路、建筑物内的网络架构以及校园网络远程连接。随着人们对网络速度和带宽要求的不断提升,链路长度和光损耗的极限值日益缩小,因此光纤布线的认证比以往更为重要。We want to help you ensure your fiber installation goes expertly.

  • Is becoming more proficient and staying up to speed on standards important to your future? We can help you get that detailed look at fiber testing and types of fiber testers to ensure network performance.
  • Learn about standards and best practices guiding use, application, and certification of Multi-fiber push on connectors. This page is your comprehensive guide to testing and troubleshooting performance and polarity in MPO cabling.
  • Learn about OTDR technology as well as OTDR testing and types of OTDR testers used to maintain fiber infrastructure

We have more to help get you where you want to be with Fiber testing. Check out these top resources:

OM 和 OS 海报
白皮书:Fiber Contamination, Cleaning, and Inspection

Need BICSI CEC points?

We have several options to help you stay on top of your cabling skills.

  • Face-to-Face Training? 没问题!Our popular Versiv Workshops are back! Check for a location and date near you: /content/versiv-hands-workshop - 3 BICSI CEC apply
  • Looking for something more in-depth? Earn fourteen BICSI CEC's at our two-day Certified Cabling Test Technician Training Program. One day for Copper, the other for Fiber - both packed with knowledge, practical applications and industry relevant issues. Classes are open for registrations visit for dates and locations.




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