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We’re offering the opportunity to enter to win Versiv tester just for signing up for a demonstration with no purchase or payment necessary!Just click on the links below and fill out the form, for the product you’re most interested in.A Fluke Networks representative will call to schedule a demonstration.That’s it!

2016 Winner

Sweepstakes Winner 2016
Presenting the Versiv unit is Greg Nelson of LanJam, Manufacturer’s Representative for Fluke Networks.

The winner of the 2016 Versiv Sweepstakes is Josh Reyna of Modesto, CA. Josh has been working with low voltage cable “since I was a kid”, from satellite TV, to alarm systems, and of course, structured cabling.He’s installed and supported systems in warehouses, schools, and government agencies.

What’s he going to do with his new DSX-8000?“It will sure come in handy working as an installer, and as volunteer supporting IT projects at my son’s school.”In the longer term, this could even start him on the road to his own contracting firm.“My mom, dad, and grandfather all ran their own businesses, and the idea is appealing to me.It runs in the family!”

“I’ve used other brands, but I’ve always preferred the Fluke Networks testers.They just make it easy.And the Category 8 support is a huge deal - I’ll be ready for jobs now and in the future.”


Previous Winner

Presenting OptiFiber Pro OTDR
Roland Schlehuber, Fluke Networks Northeastern Distribution Manager presents Arthur White, Vice President and General Manager of Electrical Concepts and Technologies with his OptiFiber™ Pro OTDR in the control room of one of their projects.

Arthur White, Vice President and General Manager of Electrical Concepts and Technologies, LLC in Pasadena, Maryland has been selected as the winner of the Versiv sweepstakes, choosing to receive an OptiFiber™ Pro OTDR.

Arthur’s firm is one of the East Coast’s leading contractors who are part of a team of specialty contractors that install Daktronics, Inc. video displays and scoring equipment (the really big ones in stadiums and arenas).These are connected with single-mode and multimode fiber cabling.You can see their handiwork at a large number of sites including FedEx Field, M&T Bank Stadium and Giant Center.

Arthur explained that this OptiFiber Pro will be put to good use helping them find breaks in fiber and bad connections.As a small company, they do not have a tool like OptiFiber Pro, so they have previously subcontracted a third party testing company to find faults so that they could repair it.Now they can do it, and maybe even contract themselves out to find those kind of faults for others.



DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer
Win a DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer™
  • Unmatched speed for category 5 through 8, Class FA and all current standards (Cat 6A in eight seconds)
  • Future-ready design supports fiber loss and inspection, OTDR testing and hardware upgrades
  • 利用集成 LinkWare™ Live,可从任意智能设备来管理工作和测试仪。
  • TaptiveTM user interface simplifies set up, and eliminates errors.
  • Graphically displays the source of failures
  • Meets TIA Level 2G – the most stringent accuracy requirements
  • Endorsed by cabling vendors worldwide3

Request a DSX-8000 CableAnalyzer™ Demo and Enter to Win!



OptiFiber Pro OTDR
Win an OptiFiber™ Pro OTDR
  • 业界最短事件和衰减死区
  • 以最快速的设定和追踪时间加速光纤验证
  • Future-ready VersivTM design supports copper certification to Category 8, fiber loss and inspection.
  • SmartLoop™ OTDR technology tests two fibers in a single test eliminating the need to travel to the far end of the connection to perform tests.
  • 便捷的 quad 模块可支持多模和单模损耗测试
  • Extended singlemode distance range to 130k

Request an OptiFiber™ Pro OTDR Demo and Enter to Win!



Certifiber™ Pro Optical Loss Reflection Screen
Win a Certifiber™ Pro Optical Loss Test Set
  • 认证速度最快 – 在两个波长上对两个光纤进行认证仅需三秒。
  • 符合 ANSI/TIA 和 ISO/IEC 环型通量的合规性要求
  • Future-ready design supports copper certification to Category 8, OTDR testing and inspection.
  • Taptive™ 用户界面可提供简单、动画式指导以消除不正确的参考设定和“负损耗”错误。
  • 便捷的 quad 模块可支持多模和单模损耗测试
  • Extended singlemode distance range to 130k
  • 内置可视化故障定位仪

Request a Certifiber™ Pro Optical Loss Test Set Demo and Enter to Win!

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