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Fiber Testing Best Practices Pocket Guide – Updated Edition

光缆测试最佳实践袖珍指南The Fiber Testing Best Practices pocket guide was designed by Fluke Networks to educate about important optical fiber handling best practices, including:

  • 光纤检查与清洁
  • Loss-length fiber testing (Tier 1 certification)
  • Fiber plant characterization  and troubleshooting (Tier 2 certification)

At just 4” x 6”, this sturdy pocket guide is ideal to take on all your fiber jobs.Including a quick-action summary and checklist, this guide is an invaluable tool to ensure you never miss a critical step during your fiber testing or troubleshooting.  

注:This offer is limited to the United States and Canada.In other geographies, contact your local sales representative.

电话 800-283-5853(美国/加拿大)或 425-446-4519(其他地区)。





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